There are several skills needed to complete an image or animation in 3d and it’s easy to understand that modelling is the most important. There are plenty of models you can buy and even get for free, but usually the client is a lot more specific then that. So, if a model needs to be made from scratch, then I’ll need some reference. One option is having the product delivered to me. If that’s not possible and if there aren’t any cad drawings available, we’re left with photography.
So, get a camera and take a few shots. I’ll ask the client to take a shot straight on from each side, plus top and bottom and maybe one perspective view. Just email them to me. I’ll import and build it that way, using photography as templates. Make sure you give me a dimension or two. That’s important. Materials, light and shadows react differently depending on size. It’s subtle sometimes. Try putting a golf ball beside a beach ball and compare the shadows in the real world, you’ll see what I mean.
And remember, we’re not in the real world any more, so all the natural mathematics you take for granted won’t happen here unless we make it.

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