Twenty years ago the Mac platform was not what it is today. An understatement for sure. I’m sure there were only a few 3d applications for Mac in those days because of that fact. It was slow and it crashed a lot. I found Strata 3d by investigating how the award winning computer game “Myst” was made. Myst was an adventure game that took you through mysterious lavish beautiful worlds. Strata was, and still is, a fully functioning inexpensive modeling, and animation software package that is shipped with it’s own pallet of materials and 3d objects. I still use it today. I was able to get a pretty good raytraced image rendered out with acceptable speed. Shadows and lighting? Not so good.

Electric image and then Maya came later, but both application were much more expensive and as beautiful as Maya was, it was far more than I needed and the time to build and render something acceptable to me was extreme. It was always give and take between quality and the time it took to get there, until I came across Modo by Luxology. Modo has the speed in production that I depended on with Strata, but the lighting capabilities were what really impressed me. They still have some things to work out with animation, but all in all, Modo has grown into a well rounded and respected tool for many 3d illustrators and animators. It’s taken time to grow into some pretty big 3d shoes for me, but I feel confident that I give as much or more than expected and always look forward to the next learning curve in 3d.

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