Learning 3d modeling, illustration and animation was a natural progression for me, having spent so much time working for packaging, point of sale, and later, retail design firms in the Toronto area. The industry has changed over the years and I’ve tried to keep up by adding skills that were never imagined when I started this career. In my opinion, 3d has raised the bar above what is expected and my clients feel it’s much easier to work through the design process.

Large scale, stylish 3d renderings and fly-thru animations have been created for stores like A&W, Loblaws SuperStore, CIBC, Bank of Montreal, Cricket, Purolator, Rogers and Exxon.

A few years ago I started getting calls from agency web designers who needed realistic models animated for clients including Ikea,  LG and Toshiba. Toshiba came back and wanted three of their new laptop computers animated for television commercials. Every new job brings with it another learning curve and the needs for 3d modeling and animation show no signs of slowing down.